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The Bitch is Back

In Gaultier

7/8/05 04:44 pm


Jean Claude Jitrois.

2/10/05 11:35 pm

Did you think I had died?


I was busy trying to acquire suck it in, and flash people Claude Montana and buying out the whole ponderously large Tokyo Gucci women's sale.

I was in Japan. A while at least.

Hermes is a god there. A fuckin' god. Like the Comte de Lautreamont's dream really if we were to go all out, and vomit intellectual prowess.

Style with substance. I can quote Heidigger like a Bartlett's, and drink like an unemployed Russian factory worker circa 1992.

8/31/04 04:13 pm

Ima beyond drunk.. darling.

I ams wearing 4 inch Gucci python boots and Dolce leather skirt. ysl silk shirt with no bra.

Suck iot, darling. god damn it, you whores!!

8/31/04 01:07 am


8/30/04 02:28 pm

It is my wish to go to a church of some nature, and drink champagne to the point where I pass out on the altar.

In Jean-Claude Jitrois leather. And thigh high leather boots with steel stilettoes.

After recovering I shall recite passages from the texts of the Marquis de Sade. Pills WILL be spilled. Shove it, darling.


8/30/04 02:24 pm

I dislike anyone who is female, and does not wear makeup.

At any time period.

I shall give an exception to Katharine Hepburn.

8/30/04 11:28 am


8/29/04 07:23 pm

My primary function on the internet is to criticize.

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